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Share Certificates

What is a Share Certificate?

  • A Share Certificate is somewhat like a frozen saving account for the money you already have that earns a premium dividend.
  • You decide from the amount of money you have, how much you want to put in the frozen saving account.
  • You decide how long you would like to leave the money in the frozen saving account (term).
  • Once the money is committed into the frozen savings, it stays there for the specified period.
  • You no longer have liquid access to the money.
  • If you need access to your Share Certificate money before the time (term) is over, you may do so with early withdrawal fees that could reduce your earnings.
  • Once the time (term) is over, you may remove your money from the frozen savings or opt to 'freeze' the money again.

With as little as $500, you can invest in a Credit Union Share Certificate and maximize your earnings.

Available with terms of 6 months to 5 years.

Early withdrawal fees may reduce earnings.

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