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Online Banking

VISA Account

e Statements

Discover the ease and convenience of e-Statements. Unlike traditional paper statements that can get lost or stolen in the mail, e-Statements are sent to you automatically, and you'll receive an e-mail notice when your statement is ready for viewing. Signing up is quick and easy:

Log In

Log in to HomeBranching. Choose an account from your list of accounts to pull up the Account Details page.

(Not a current user? Sign up for Home Branching.)

Online banking screen capture showing all accounts

Choose Your Account

In the Account Details page, click on Online statements.

Screen capture showing account details example

A pop up will appear to verify your account. Click CONTINUE.

Screen capture showing pop up window to verify account

Online Enrollment Agreement

Read through the Online Statement Enrollment Agreement. At the bottom of the page, click on eSign document to generate a code.

Screen capture showing account agreement disclosure and esign link example

You will be prompted to save a file titled eSign.pdf.

Screen capture showing example of saving esign file to computer

After you save, open the file to view the code.

Screen capture showing verification code example

Copy and paste the code into the eSign Confirmation Code text box and click I AGREE.

Screen capture showing where to enter the code

Statement Notification

On the Statement Notification page, select the e-statement bubble and click NEXT.

Screen capture showing how to select estatements or paper statements

Verify that your e-mail and selection is correct, and click ENROLL.

Screen capture showing email verification example

View Statements

You are now enrolled in online statements! On the main statements page, you can view your statements digitally, view previous statements and other documents, and change your settings.

Screen capture showing statement example