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VISA Account

Foreign Currency Exchange

Traveling to another country? Get ready for your travels by purchasing foreign currency from HIFICU. Purchase with confidence that you will get a fair exchange and that the currency is authentic. HIFICU has more than 80 foreign currencies available to buy and sell at any of our branches. Also, if you have remaining foreign currency after your trip, or you have other foreign currency, you can sell it back to us.

How much does it cost?

  • Flat Fee
  • Buying foreign currency (at least $350 U.S.): $5.00
  • Buying foreign currency (less than $350 U.S.): $15.00
  • Selling foreign currency (any amount): $5.00

How long until I get my funds?

If exchanging U.S. funds for foreign monies, it will take 5 business days before the monies can be picked up at the branch. If you are exchanging foreign funds for U.S. dollars, you account will be credited on the same day.

  • Over 80 foreign currencies available to buy and sell
  • Convenient, safe transactions
  • Quick turnaround
  • Buy back currency after your trip

Contact us or call 1‐808‐832‐8700 for more information.

No coins. Only bills will be bought or sold.