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Online Banking

VISA Account


Thank you for your patience as we convert to our new data system.


On April 1, 2021 we converted our data system to make way for a more seamless integration of HIFICU's services, with improved security and efficiency.


Currently our phone lines and lobbies are extremely busy.  We thank you for your patience during this time.


Please use the following:

Online Banking Password Resets: 833-774-8228

General Banking Questions: (808) 832-8777


Conversion Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 4/20/2021)

  • Is my personal data still safe and secure? ►
  • Are my funds still safe and secure? ►
  • Will my account number change?
  • Will my debit card and credit card change?
  • Will I have to order new checks? ►
  • Will HIFICU's routing number change? ►
  • Will my ATM or debit card number and PIN change?
  • Will my automatic payment to my loan continue as scheduled? ►
  • Will Home Branching and MyMobile change? ►
  • Will the conversion change BillPayer?
  • Will my pending payments still be set up in BillPayer?
  • Will I need to update my MyMobile app?
  • Will MyFinancial change? ►
  • Will PopMoney still be available?
  • Will I have Quickbooks?
  • Will Anytime Teller change? ►
  • What will happen to my direct deposit? ►
  • How can I view my account history?
  • Why is there no logo in my statement?
  • Is Shared Branching available?
  • When will my e-statement be available?
  • Why can't I log in to HomeBranching?
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