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Get Your House In Order. Be Well Be Safe. Be prepared

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What is "Get Your House in Order" (GYHO), and Why It Matters to Me

Would you easily be able to locate your home insurance and last two years of your tax documents for a home loan application? If a dire emergency situation were to happen tomorrow, would your loved ones know where your important documents are, how to access them and what to do?

If you answered “no” to either of these questions, then you need to “Get Your House in Order,” and Hawaiian Financial Federal Credit Union wants to assist you in that process.

Be Well

Good holistic health involves leading a well-organized, efficient life. Besides finding important documents quickly, being consistently organized also helps with many other areas of good mental health, including reduced anxiety, improved sleep and better concentration.

Be Safe

Even though everyone should have a legal will or trust, 2 out of 3 people have not made one. A large proportion of inheritances are needlessly lost to lengthy probate, unnecessary taxation, creditors or bankruptcy.

Be Prepared

It's never too soon, nor too late, to develop a solid plan to organize your life's most important issues. The "Get Your House in Order" campaign helps you develop and follow through with that plan.

The Time is Now

Having important life-planning discussions with loved ones can be difficult. We created the Ho'okele Guidebook to help Hawaii's ohana initiate and guide important family conversations and navigate the complexities of planning for the future.

Phase 1 focuses on the "Past", assisting you in gathering and compiling your personal information and any important documents pertinent to you. This will be the first building block of organizing your legacy and helping others who may be called upon to assist you.

Phase 2 focuses on the "Present", helping you document what you currently have and uncovering any gaps that need to be filled. The focus will be on your physical well-being, financial obligations and asset protection.

Phase 3 focuses on the "Future", addressing life-planning documentation like organizing your asset accumulation, retirement funding, prepaid plans and beneficiary updates.

Finally, Phase 4 focuses on the "Miscellaneous" items, covering assorted topics such as active and sedentary lifestyles, love, marriage and divorce, as well as how they may affect your finances. All four phases will produce a new section for the Ho'okele Guidebook, and each segment will have corresponding downloadable worksheets.