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VISA Account
VISA Gift Cards The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

Register your VISA Gift Card to view your balances, check transactions, and make online purchases!

Here's How:

Screen capture showing Register your card to enable online purchases, view your transactions, and check your balances. My Gift Card


  • On our VISA Gift Card page, click on the My Gift Card button.
  • Click Continue to go to the Gift Card Manager website.


Screen capture showing Activate and register screen for gift cards


  • Click on Activate & Register to get started.


Screen capture showing where to enter email address and activating a gift card


  • Enter your e-mail address, then click Next.
  • Then, enter your Gift Card number and the CCV number. Click Next.


Screen capture showing information being entered


  • Enter your information (first and last name, birth date, contact info, etc). Click Next to move to the next step.


Screen capture showing entering PIN information


  • Create a PIN for your card. Click Next.
  • Confirm your new PIN, then click Next.


Screen capture showing gift card being activated


  • Your card is now activated, registered, and ready to use.
  • To keep track of your balance and purchases click Next and then Create account.



  • Enter your e-mail address and create a password.
  • Confirm your password and click Next to continue.


Screen capture showing reviewing the disclosure's and accepting the terms


  • Read through the disclosures and click Accept terms.


Screen capture showing searching transactions


  • Click Next to scroll through the different features of your dashboard.
  • Click Next to continue to the next step.


Screen capture showing PIN change and how to lock gift cards

You now have access to your Gift Card dashboard.

  • Click on Lock Card to block your card if you misplace it
  • You can also Change your PIN.